“My work generates satire; humors and mocks actions which have affecting reactions, by creating a commentary on social, political or individual responses. Experimentation becomes entertainment, as investigating ideas become comfort of expression.”


It all begins at home, whether you start or end the bond,
whether you build or destroy.

Lives and works in Karachi.
Alumni of DOVS (Department of Visual Studies) University of Karachi.

University of Karachi, Visual Studies BA (hons) FA(Distinction)


  • Current: Fine Arts & Islamic Arts Miniature painting Instructor and Senior Thesis Advisor, Dept of Visual Studies, University of Karachi.
  • 2019 Curator, ‘Launch-19’ group show, ArtOne62 gallery, Karachi.
  • 2019 Coordinator and Concept artist, ‘Flavorful Riddles’, sensory installation by Dept. of Visual Studies (University of Karachi) at Karachi Biennale, Ibn-e-Qasim park.
  • 2018 Guest lecturer on Miniature painting techniques, new IBA campus, University of Karachi.
  • 2016-2017 Animation Artist, ’Sath Din Mohabat In’, Dawn Films, Karachi.
  • 2016 Coordinator, Sonya Batla Avant Guard collection, Pakistan Fashion Week, Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi.
  • 2014 External guest juror, Fine Arts B.A.(Pass) Annual Examination Part I & II, D.H.A Degree College for Women & PECHS Govt. Girls College, Karachi.
  • 2014 Bhit Island, Creative School Project, documented by Taqi Shaheen (Express Channel)
  • 2013 Oil painting instructor, Agha Khan Medical University, Dept. Of Humanities and
    Social Sciences, Karachi.
  • 2012 Thesis Coordinator, Fine Arts, Dept. of Visual Studies, KU.
  • 2009-2011 Illustration Artist, WWF (World Wide Fund for nature), Indus for all programme, Karachi.
  • 2009 Guest instructor, IDA REU (Institute for blind, deaf and dumb), Vasl Residency, Karachi.
  • 2008 Illustration Artist, Film,‘God for Saken’, Jamil Delhvi (Hollywood director and producer)
  • 2008 Archival Reproduction Artist, State Bank Museum of Pakistan, project director Dr. Asma Ibrahim.


  • 2019 ‘Flavorful Riddles’, sensory installation at Karachi Biennale, Ibn-e-Qasim park.
  • 2017 ‘Lost and Found’ open studio and art share, The Elixir School, North Nazimabad, Karachi.
  • 2016 Pursakoon Karachi, Interactive wall mural in collaboration with Naiza.H Khan, Arts Council, Karachi.
  • 2015 ‘Pretty can be Gritty’, Ghandhara Art Space (AAN gallery), Karachi.
  • 2014 ‘Headline’ (catalogued), Frere Hall, Karachi, curated by Munawar Ali Syed.
  • 2013 Artist Talk and book launch, ‘Right to the City: Travel Guide Karachi, Curated by Shahana Rajani at T2F (second floor).
  • 2013 ‘Are You In Character’, Ghandhara art Gallery, Curated by Sivim Naqvi.
  • 2013 ‘Awaaz-Baldia Inferno’, Art Council, Karachi, curated by Adeela Suleman.
  • 2012 ‘Stop, Play, Pause, Repeat’ (catalogued), Lawraie Shabibi, Dubai, curated by Nafisa Rizvi.
  • 2012 ‘Band Baja Baaraat’, Indus Valley Gallery, Karachi, curated by Sameera Raja.
  • 2012 ‘Mere Humd(r)um’, Aicon Gallery, New York, curated by Prajjol K. Dutta.
  • 2012 ‘Mein’ (catalogued), Koel Gallery, Karachi, curated by Noorjehan Bilgarami & Amean J.
  • 2011 ‘Mad in Karachi-3D’ (catalogued), Art Chowk Gallery, Karachi, curated by Munawar Ali.
  • 2010 ‘The Rising Tide: New Directions in Art of Pakistan 1990-2010’ (catalogued), Mohatta Palace, Karachi, curated by Naiza Khan.


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  • 2008 ‘God for Saken’, film book cover design and illustration, Jamil Dehlvi publication.